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In his 25+ years experience in hotel and spa industries, doing business in over 30 countries Trent has developed a unique perspective on the business of spas. In an industry known for everything but, Trent’s voice resounds as one of practical business realities.

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A gifted public speaker. He entertains and informs with a refreshing honesty and transparency.

Fifi Kao

Editor, Spa China

Trent brings a depth of insight to his analysis of spa business that is grounded in many years as an industry leader. Along with a down-to- earth understanding of numbers and a sharp eye for future trends, he is above all a gifted educator.

Professor Gerard Bodeker

Columbia University, USA and Oxford University, UK; Co-Editor “Understanding the Global Spa Industry

He’s a man of integrity. His word is his bond. He always delivers. It’s that simple.

Upul Peiris

Former COO, Adaraan Resorts


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