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Episode #18 is kinda more of a macro conversation. It’s not so much about spas at the coal face, but more a discussion about wellness and how that can be leveraged as a destination marketing tool. But just because you can…doesn’t mean you should.


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Here’s the Trends Report I referred to – Spafinder Wellness 365 2015 Trends Report

And if you want to see what went on at the  Maldives Wellness Summit.


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  1. Trent, I am happy you are raising such interesting points. Wellness destination can be just about anywhere just as you said. However, it is the destination assets and how they are leveraged which is the differentiating factor, creating the USP for the destination – so it seems like we may disagree a bit here. Overall – really enjoyed your podcast. Many thanks. Looking forward to your next installation!

    • Hi Camille!

      Thanks for your comments.

      Life would be boring if we all agreed, right?

      But actually I think we kinda do agree on the point you raised. That’s why I was suggesting Maldives would need to find something unique that they can offer in terms of wellness – like Coral Reef Bathing (not a great example, I know!)

      Without something like that, as you say, there’s no USP.

      Can you think of any examples of Wellness Destinations with a USP?



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